We offer 14 different sized walk-in tubs.  You can get any of them in a right drain or left drain configuration.  You can get any of them in Biscuit or White color.  We offer several therapeutic options as well.  You can get an air system, a whirlpool system or a combo of both!  We offer heaters, chroma-therapy systems, aroma-therapy systems, and microbubbles.  We even have the brand new Vibro-Sonic Massage System and the Vibe Music System (both available with remote controls).  These tubs are customized just for you.

Walk-In Tub (32" x 60")

Size: 32" x 60"

Walk-In Tub (30 x 52)

Walk-In Tub (28 x 48)

Walk-In Tub (30 x 52) Wheelchair Accessible

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