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About US Whirlpool, Inc

U. S. Whirlpool, Inc was founded in 1997 in Holly Springs, Georgia. Our bathtubs and shower pans are the highest quality ACRYLIC surface backed by fiberglass, far superior to the gel-coated fiberglass and marble tubs.

Today, we carry a full line of acrylic bathtubs, acrylic shower pans, air massage systems and whirlpool systems. We take pride in giving our customers excellent products and setting industry standards in service.

Jimmy T. Long, Owner

U.S. Whirlpool, Inc.

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US Whirlpool has provided Acrylic Bathtubs and Shower Pans since 1997. Our focus is to provide the Plumbing Wholesale Industry with a pristine and durable product quickly. We ship same day on most orders! Our tubs are American Made in the USA.

Acrylic bathtubs can be sold four ways:

  • Soaker tub
  • Bathtub with complete whirlpool system installed
  • Bathtub with complete American Air System
  • Bathtub with both Whirlpool and Air System
  • Shower pans are available in various sizes

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